NEWS: Improvements to the Hall

Improvements to the Hall

The application for the mobile mast was declined by Bromley Council but the Trustees still propose to proceed with substantial improvements which will enhance the quality of the facilities provided at the hall for the benefit of all our users from Keston and its neighbourhood.

In 2015 the Hall has seen the construction of an extension to house new ladies and disable toilets and disabled access. In addition the gentlemens toilets have been refurbished to match and new boilers have been installed.

In 2016 further improvements have taken place including new radiators in the main hall, complete internal decorations, refurbishment of the jubilee room kitchen and new flooring in the jubilee room, kitchen and toilets.

Later this year new curtains will be provide in both the main hall and jubilee room, the main kitchen will be refurbished, external decorations will be completed and the car parking to the north & west side of the building will be improved.