Fire Safety Measures

In compliance with the Fire Safety Order, the Trustees of Keston Village Hall have introduced several fire safety measures to ensure the safety of all users of the Village Hall. The Order also places various responsibilities on the Hirer of the Hall. As a ‘Condition of Hire’ the Hirer must comply with the following requirements:

  1. The Hirer must nominate a designated person to be the “Responsible Person” in charge of the Hall during the hire.

  2. The Hirer must familiarize themselves with the content of the Fire Emergency Plan shown overleaf, which details the location of fire exits, break glass call points, assembly point etc.

  3. The Hirer must on arrival check the location and operating procedure of all fire alarm points, fire blankets and fire exits (all of which are clearly signed).

  4. The Hirer should be aware that the fire alarm sounds as a continuous ringing bell.

  5. In the event of a fire, the Responsible Person will instruct all persons to leave the Hall using the nearest

    available Emergency Exit, to assemble together as soon as possible at the designated Fire Assembly Point and check that all persons are accounted for.

  6. The Responsible Person should ensure that once the Hall is vacated, members of the public do not re-enter the building under any circumstances.

  7. The Hirer must provide a means to call the Fire Brigade in the event of an emergency by dialling 999 and giving the following information: Fire, Keston Village Hall, Heathfield Road, BR2 6BF

  8. The Hirer must ensure that the maximum of occupants does not exceed 170 people for dances with notables and 130 people restaurant-style or closely seated audience for stage performances in the main Hall and 60 people for the Jubilee Room.

  9. The Hirer must keep all fire exits clear of obstruction at all times.

  10. The Hirer must ensure that vehicles are not parked immediately outside any of the exits from the hall and thereby restricting their use.

  11. The Hirer must ensure that No Smoking is allowed in the premises and that no explosives or highly

    flammable substances are brought into, or used in any part of the premises. No decorations are to be put up near light fittings or heaters. The use of candles, tea lights or any other naked flames are prohibited as are the use of disco and stage production smoke.

  12. The Hirer must ensure that any electrical equipment that they introduce into the premises have been appropriately PAT tested and be in date of the PAT test certificate.

  13. The Hirer should plan for the evacuation of any disabled occupants in the event of a fire.

  14. The Hirer must provide a safety briefing highlighting to the occupants the points listed above.

  15. In addition, for Regular Users: The Hirer should reinforce and test the above procedures by carrying out two fire drills per year. The Hirer must keep a record of these drills

  16. Hall emergency contacts will be provided to the hirer after the deposit has been received.

On hiring the hall or any part of the property the hirer agrees to comply with the above conditions.

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